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This Site uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that contains letters and numbers, stored on your computer, mobile device, or other equipment used to access the internet.

When you visit a site that uses cookies, the site may ask your browser to place one or more cookies which can store personal identification information.

The cookie is installed through a request made by a web server to a browser and does not contain software programs, viruses, or spyware, and cannot access information from the user's hard drive.

Cookies are classified according to their use:

  • Necessary cookies are essential for basic functioning and are usually installed in response to your actions. They are used to personalize and improve services, such as your preferences, keeping your shopping cart, and others. These cookies only affect our site.

  • Performance and marketing analytical cookies (e.g., Google Analytics, Google Webmaster) allow us to collect strictly anonymous information about how users interact with our site, their numbers, the website's loading speed. These cookies can also be from third parties who may place their cookies.

  • Social network cookies (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) are similar to performance and marketing analytical cookies; they may place their cookies to monitor performance and your preferences. For example, when you like or share an article or product, these networks will consider these preferences and use this information to improve the services offered. uses cookies solely to improve the quality and performance of the services offered to users and buyers. Thus, it allows the Site to keep your shopping cart, keep you logged into the site, and offer the possibility to keep your personalized information.

Third-Party Cookies

Below is a list of some third parties that might set cookies when you use our website.

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When you use default cookie settings, the activity generated by them is not visible, and you will not know when a site sets a cookie or when your browser sends its cookies to the website. However, you can change this behavior in the options for each browser, to be asked before a cookie is set. You can also restrict the lifespan of cookies until closing the browser and make other settings.

Through your browser, you can also disable and refuse to receive cookies, but this may make some sites difficult to navigate or use. Cookie modification settings are available in all modern browsers.

For more information about cookies:

To avoid any doubt, Votive highlights that performance and marketing analytical cookies, social network cookies, and necessary cookies mentioned above, may store, retrieve, but not limited to, for evaluation purposes, anonymously and agreed upon, the following types of information: user IP, deduced location, type of device used, connection speed, online behavior, age group, male or female gender, education, income, occupation, purchase intention. To achieve the stated purpose, the information mentioned may be processed within the European Union and/or outside of it, by which the User expressly and unequivocally agrees to this aspect, by continuing to navigate on the Website.


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