Lumânări pentru aromaterapie cu uleiuri esențiale pure
Amazing Natural Scents


  • Aromatherapy Candles using only therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Scented Candles using only the best phthalates free scented oils.
Lumânare naturală sculpturală lucrată manual de la Votive
Art Deco

Decorative Artistry

Hand crafted candles with love.

Lumânări naturale parfumate din ceară de soia Votive
Exquisit forms and colors

Exquisit forms and colors

Elevate your home with Votive candles.



I received the candles yesterday - they are beautiful and of high quality, thank you!


Wow, the soy wax candles smell so, so good!


The package just arrived. I can't believe how amazing all the products actually smell. When I opened the box, I was impressed by both the scent and their packaging. Thank you so much!


The candles are superb, the scent is truly exceptional. And I really liked the packaging, it's evident that you put your heart into what you do.


Hi, I received the package, the scent is sensational, and the candles are crafted with great care. Everything looks great, congratulations on what you do!


I really have nothing to reproach about your candles; it's evident they are crafted very carefully and with passion. They have no defects at all, and they smell absolutely beautiful.


Wow! That's the expression that applies to Votive candles. I'm incredibly pleased that we have these absolutely wonderful artisanal products in Romania, crafted by hand, with such great attention to detail. I was impressed by the shapes, colors, and scents. Best of luck, Votive!


I absolutely love candles and always look for ways to create a special ambiance in my home. So, I found this absolutely amazing website called, where I discovered candles more beautiful and fragrant than ever before.


Speechless... I was surprised even before opening the box 🩵 It smelled so good, it's amazing, you're really doing a great job! I have never encountered scented candles that have the strength and longevity of a brand perfume! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!


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    100% biodegradable

    We only use biodegradable waxes (soy and beeswax), without genetic modification. Because we care about nature and the health of our customers and ourselves, we do not use paraffin wax

  • vogue roz-idei cadouri femei zi de nastere-lumanari decorative-cadou pentru femei-votive-lumanari-lumanari parfumate-lumanari handmade-lumanari aromaterapie-aromaterapie-lumanari naturale
    100% vegan

    The waxes are vegan and can be safely used by individuals following a vegan lifestyle. Additionally, the colorants we use are non-toxic, vegan, and do not cause skin irritation.

  • candles-mosc-lumanari decorative-vogue roz-votive-lumanari-lumanari parfumate-lumanari handmade-lumanari aromaterapie-aromaterapie-lumanari naturale

    Because we absolutely love all living beings and strongly believe they have the same rights as humans, we will never use products that have been tested on animals, and we will never test our products on animals. Please note that if you have a furry friend, the use of aromatherapy products should be researched first. There are plants that, although extremely beneficial for the human body, are toxic to pets (dogs, cats).