What is aromatherapy?

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What is aromatherapy?
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What is Aromatherapy?

I chose this topic because I was surprised to find that there are quite a few people who do not know the meaning of this concept. Especially since many who confuse aromatherapy with synthetic oils or even as a property of wax are candle producers.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that uses natural aromatic compounds found in plants, known as essential oils, to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It involves the use of essential oils through various methods, such as inhalation, topical application, or diffusion.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts obtained through distillation or cold pressing methods. They capture the characteristic fragrance and therapeutic properties of the plant they are derived from. Each essential oil has a unique chemical composition, giving it specific properties and potential health benefits, and is specially chosen for its therapeutic benefits. These oils are carefully extracted from different parts of plants, such as flowers, leaves, stems, bark, or roots, and their chemical composition is analyzed to ensure quality and purity.

The main purpose of aromatherapy is to harness these therapeutic properties to support health and well-being. Essential oils can be used to alleviate stress, enhance relaxation, promote better sleep, boost mood, soothe pain, improve digestion, aid memory, etc. They can be applied to the body through massage, added to bath water, inhaled using diffusers or steam inhalation, or used in compresses or with infused candles.

It's important to note that there is a big difference between fragrance oils and aromatherapy oils. Fragrance oils or perfumes are synthetic fragrances created to mimic natural smells and are primarily used for their pleasant scent in perfumes, soaps, and other cosmetic products. They do not have the same therapeutic properties as essential oils used in aromatherapy. Also, the intensity of the fragrance is much greater due to chemical compounds, compared to therapeutic oils, which contain only plant extract.

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When using essential oils for aromatherapy purposes, it is important to follow safety instructions and use them in the proper dilutions. Some essential oils can cause skin irritation or sensitivity, and certain oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by people with specific medical conditions. Consulting a qualified aromatherapy specialist or a health professional is necessary for guidance and personalized advice for the safe and effective use of essential oils.

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