Votive: Lights of Hope at Interact Fashion Show VIII

Article published at: Apr 21, 2024 Article author: Votive Team
Votive: Lights of Hope at Interact Fashion Show VIII
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On the evening of April 20, 2024, magic and fashion converged under the same roof at the impressive Fashion Show VIII, organized by the Interact Club. This event, now in its eighth edition, was not only a showcase of style and elegance but also a gathering of generous hearts united to support a noble cause: fundraising for children with cancer, benefiting the Little People Association.

The Little People Association has been a beacon of support for children affected by cancer in Romania since 1996. With dedicated support programs and activities designed to bring smiles to the faces of young patients, the association transforms the battle with the disease into a story of courage and hope.

Our company, Votive, participated in this event to underscore our commitment to supporting the community. As a sponsor, we contributed a selection of sculptural and scented candles, each carefully crafted, to be auctioned at the event. Our products, known for their high quality and ecological attributes, were more than just objects; they symbolized the light and warmth we strive to bring into the lives of these young heroes.

The fashion show was a true visual feast, with volunteer models showcasing spectacular clothing creations on a vibrant runway. Young designers from Romania united their forces to offer an unforgettable evening, and each outfit told a part of the magic that can be created when communities mobilize for a greater good.


Beyond the aesthetic beauty of the show, each step on the catwalk carried a strong message of solidarity and hope. The audience, composed of business people, influencers, local personalities, and art lovers, responded generously to the call to financially support the initiatives of the Little People Association. The atmosphere was vibrant, each contribution a step towards the goal of providing support and comfort to the young patients and their families.

By participating in Fashion Show VIII, Votive demonstrated a deep commitment to social responsibility and the desire to be an active player in improving the community. Each donated candle was a symbol of light and hope, reiterating that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Reflecting on this memorable evening, it is clear that fashion and charity can go hand in hand, and Fashion Show VIII was a splendid demonstration of this synergy. At Votive, we are proud to participate in these moments of solidarity, showing that beauty can come in many forms, sometimes even in the shape of a scented candle.


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