Candles and Tarot Cards: A Spiritual Symbiosis

Article published at: Apr 12, 2024 Article author: Votive Team
Candles and Tarot Cards: A Spiritual Symbiosis
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Candles, with their variety of colors and lights, play a crucial role in creating an environment conductive to exploring the mysteries of tarot cards. This article explores how different types of candles can influence and enrich tarot sessions.

The Meaning of Tarot Cards.

Each tarot card holds a profound meaning, symbolizing various aspects of life, emotions, and destiny. Interpreting tarot cards requires concentration, intuition, and, of course, an environment conducive to connecting with the subconscious.

The White Candle: Purity and Clarity. The white candle is often associated with purity, spiritual clarity, and protection. Lighting a white candle during a tarot reading can help create a sacred space, purifying the energy and facilitating a clear and accurate interpretation of the cards.

The Black Candle: Protection and Depth. On the other hand, the black candle is used for protection and deep meditation. In tarot sessions, it can help block negative energies and focus on the deeper aspects of the cards.

Green Candles: Abundance and Healing. Green candles symbolize growth, abundance, and healing. They are ideal for tarot readings that focus on well-being, prosperity, or emotional healing.

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Colored Candles: The Diversity of Emotions. Using colored candles in tarot sessions can add an additional layer of interpretation. Each color has its own symbolism – for example, red for passion, blue for calmness, and yellow for happiness.

The Lit Candle: Connection and Focus. A lit candle during a tarot session not only adds a visually pleasing element but also creates a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. The flame of the candle symbolizes the light of the spiritual guide and the focus required in interpreting the cards.


Candles bring an additional dimension to tarot card reading sessions. They not only enhance the atmosphere but also aid in interpreting the meanings of the cards through their symbolism. Whether you choose a white candle for clarity, a black one for protection, or colored candles to reflect a wide range of emotions and intentions, they can transform a simple tarot reading into a profoundly spiritual experience. Explore Votive's entire colorfull candle range: shop.


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