How to Use and Care for Reed Diffuser Room Deodorants

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Transform Your Home: Expert Tips for Using and Caring for Reed Diffuser Room Deodorants

Reed diffuser room deodorants are a great way to fill your home with pleasant and lasting aromas. Here’s how to use and care for them correctly using Votive products, which include reed diffusers, room sprays, and fragrance diffusers.

Instructions for Use

Unpacking and Setting Up:

  1. Carefully Remove Cap and Stopper:
    • Unpack your Votive reed diffuser, remove the cap, and stopper from the bottle.
  2. Insert Reeds:
    • Insert the reeds into the diffuser, ensuring the bottom ends are submerged in the oil. For initial setup, dip the reeds in the oil and then flip them so the saturated ends are facing up.


  1. Place the Diffuser:
    • Place the diffuser in a high-traffic area or a spot with good air circulation, but away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Adjusting Fragrance Intensity:

  1. Number of Reeds:
    • Start with 3-5 reeds for a standard-sized room. Add or remove reeds to adjust the fragrance intensity. More reeds will produce a stronger scent, while fewer reeds will offer a subtler aroma.


  1. Flipping Reeds:
    • Flip the reeds approximately once a week to refresh the scent. If the fragrance weakens, replace the reeds as they can become saturated over time.
  2. Durability and Refilling:
    • Reed diffusers typically last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the amount of oil and environmental factors. Refill the oil when it is no longer fragrant or has completely evaporated.

Safety and Care:

  1. Handling and Placement:
    • Keep the diffuser away from children and pets. Avoid placing it on porous or finished surfaces to prevent staining in case of spills.
  2. General Precautions:
    • Do not ingest the oil and avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, wash the affected area with plenty of water and soap. Store the diffuser in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources to prevent rapid evaporation of the oil.
  3. Disposal:
      • Once the oil has evaporated, wash the container with warm water and soap before refilling or discarding. Use gloves when handling used reeds to avoid direct contact with the oil.

Recommended Votive Reed Diffuser Room Deodorants:

  1. Perfect blend of citrus and floral scents Reed Diffuser:
    • Infused with pure bergamot and ylang-ylang essential oils, this exquisite diffuser combines the zesty, uplifting scent of bergamot with the floral, exotic notes of ylang ylang to create a harmonious and rejuvenating aroma.
  2. Energize & Refresh Reed Diffuser:
    • A blend of sweet orange and peppermint essential oils, ideal for invigorating your space with a fresh and uplifting scent. This refreshing diffuser blends the invigorating citrus scent of sweet orange with the crisp, cooling notes of peppermint to create a vibrant and energizing aroma. 

By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the continuous benefits of Votive reed diffuser room deodorants, enhancing your home’s ambiance with therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Discover our collection of reed diffuser room deodorants for more options and elevate your home fragrance experience to the next level.


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